A Concise Field Guide to the Toons
Steve and Ann Toon
Cryptic coat, neutral greens and browns. Belly often guano or dung streaked. Bare parts pale in northern hemisphere winter, turning reddish-brown during migration to southern hemisphere.
Most active around dawn and dusk. Often seen skulking in cover.  Usually in pairs.
Low, muttered 'mistitdammit'
Dens in Northumberland, UK. Regular migrant to Southern Africa. Occasional vagrant in Australia, India etc.
Prefers desert and semi-desert. Also savanna grassland, acacia thornveld.
Ann photographing rhino
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From Kielder to the Kalahari

We're a husband and wife team of wildlife photojournalists, who share a deep love for Southern Africa, its amazing wildlife and wild places. We both enjoyed successful careers in print journalism before turning to professional wildlife photography, a background which has a strong influence on the way we approach photography. We believe the most powerful way to tell stories is through a combination of words and pictures. As well as our many magazine and newspaper articles, we've had published three books, two about the techniques of wildlife photography, and one about rhinos.

We're very fortunate to live on the edge of Kielder Forest in the heart of Northumberland National Park, one of the most beautiful, wild and least populated landscapes in England, and itself a great place to photograph nature. We're just a few miles south of Scotland, with its wealth of wildlife and breathtaking scenery, but much as we love our home in the UK, our favourite place on the planet remains the Kalahari.